Moving Current clients to a personal cabinet

The name of amoCRM has changed to

Log in to the Radist Web Personal Area or register through the link:

If you are a PARTNER, then create a separate personal account for the client's contact information, so that the owner of the account is the CLIENT. When registering a company, specify YOUR PROMOCODE. You can add yourself to the Client's Personal Computer as an administrator to make settings.

You do NOT need to integrate with the client's account on your own personal account, then you will not be able to transfer the integration to the client's personal account.

After registering your company, the "Chats" window will open.

1) Go to Settings - > section "Integrations" - > in the category "Available" find your integration.

2) Press the "Connect integration" button - select the account you want to connect to the Personal Area - press "Allow".

3) Go back to "Integrations" - in the "Installed" category, find a connected amoCRM ( account - click on it.

4) Current connected numbers will be pulled up automatically.

You will only have to set the settings for creating deals (funnel, status), turn on/off the toggle switch on the "Check if WhatsApp is on the number" function.

The "Integration works" toggle switch should remain on.

5) The same current numbers will pull up in the Connections section.

6) From now on, all further settings (connecting additional numbers, changing the funnel and status for creating transactions, etc.) are set up only in the personal cabinet.

7) Send us the company id from your personal account so that we can make changes in your working integration on our side.

The company id consists of 6 digits in the upper left corner of the cabinet.

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