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Company Settings

Company settings is a section where you can change the company name and set the time zone for the entire cabinet.

Company name

If you entered the wrong company name when registering a company, or just want to change it for some reason, this is done in the Settings - Company Settings section. The company name is displayed in the lower left corner of the personal account:
Your customers don't see the company name anywhere. It is used only in the RadistWeb personal account, so that if you have several companies, you can separate them.

Currency for paying for the service (subscriptions):

When selecting the appropriate currency, the Subscriptions section will change the currency and tariffs for paying for subscriptions.:
All old accounts will have the "Ruble" currency installed. You can change the currency in the "Company Settings" section
For new clients, depending on which language of the RadistWeb personal account you selected during registration, the corresponding currency will be automatically set:
  • Russian – ruble
  • English – Dollar
  • Spanish – Dollar
The currency can be changed in the "Company Settings" section

Time zone:

By default, the time zone that was used in your browser when creating the company is set.
This time zone applies to the entire RadistWeb: the time on chat messages, the time when the payment link is issued, the end time of the test/paid subscription - everything is synchronized for all employees.
If you are a current client, namely you were registered in Radiant web before 03/29/2023, then by default, you will have the Moscow time zone selected (GMT+3). If you wish, you can change it to yours.
Last modified 8mo ago