WhatsApp business card

Version 1 of 28.02.22

Business card is needed to send automatic WhatsApp messages to the client (for example, if you have a basic tariff in Kommo.com where you can't set up salesbot) and to send automatic WhatsApp messages to clients who are not registered in amoCRM (contractors, executors, etc.).

Video instruction on setting up a business card 👇

Instructions with screenshots on how to set up a business card

1) Go to the funnel settings in Kommo.com.

2) Under the desired status (in the screenshot an example with the status "WhatsApp business card"), where you set up a business card, click on an empty cell.

3) Select the Radist.Online trigger. This trigger will check the availability of WhatsApp on the numbers when deals are created or go to this stage.

4) Set the trigger to execute "When transitioning or creating in a step". Click "Configure".

5) This will open a window for configuring the trigger.

6) The first field "Trigger Action" has 2 values:

Leave the second action "Send Message".

7) To send a message instead of salesbot to a contact created in a deal, the "Recipient number" field must be left blank.

8) The message will be sent to the first phone number of the main (first) contact.

9) To send a message to a contact who is not in the transaction, the field "Recipient number" must be filled with the phone number through +7.

If you need to send a business card to several customers, a separate trigger is configured for each individual contact.

It is not possible to specify numbers in the field separated by commas!

If you want to pull values from transaction fields into the text of the business card, use the following masks:

{{rand}} - A random string of length 32 (Example: wfcc9rtwzu75xdl4f0optv7zabmxr2pw)

{{randint}} is a random number between 0 and 100 (including 0 and 100)

{{current_date}} - The current date (UTC) in YYYYY-MM-DD format (Example: 2019-10-30)

{{contact.id}}, {{lead.id}} - contact id and transaction

{{contact.name}}, {{lead.name}} - contact and transaction name

{{contact.cf.N}}, {{lead.cf.N}} - contact and transaction fields, N=did field

{{contact.cf.N.M}}, {{lead.cf.N.M}} - Contact and transaction fields typed, N=id field, M=id value type (e.g., for the "work phone" field)

{{contact.phone}} - The first number of the contact, regardless of type

{{contact.email}} - The contact's first email, regardless of type

{{contact.email.other}} - Email other}}

{{contact.email.work}} - Email slave.

{{contact.email.priv}} - Email private.

{{contact.phone.work}} - {{contact.phone.work}}

{{contact.phone.other}} - Other

{{contact.phone.mob}} - Mobile

{{contact.phone.phone}} - Direct

{{contact.phone.fax}} - Fax

{{contact.phone.workdd}} - {{contact phone workdd}}

{{lead.price}} - {{transaction budget}} field

If something is not mentioned in the list above, then it is not there.

10) Click "Save" - "Done" - "Save" funnel.

11) Done. The business card sent in the transaction looks like in the screenshot. This is a note with the phone number to which the business card was sent and the text of the business card.

Business card chat on WhatsApp in a transaction does NOT initiate.

If you need to automatically start a chat, then use salesbot with communication initiation.

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