How to write first from any WABA number in amoCRM (multiaccounting):

If you have several numbers (2 or more) connected in the official WhatsApp integration (WABA) and you use amoCRM, then inside the CPM system you can choose which number to write to the client from, as well as determine which number the client wrote to you.

🔴 ⚠️ There are 2 important points:

  1. ❗️ You can choose which number to write from first only when sending manually. In Salesbot, messages will be sent from the number that is selected as the main one by default in the RadistWeb personal account:

  2. ❗️ In order for the bot not to send a message to all chats in the transaction, in the bot settings you need to add the condition "messenger of the active chat", and select the number from which you want to send the message (the widget name and the name of the number from the personal account are displayed there. The message will leave only from the number specified in the condition.

    How to do it (using the example of informal integration, but the process is the same)

How it works:

To get started, you need to connect the numbers: Instructions on how to connect WhatsApp to RadistWeb:

After connecting the numbers in the RadistWeb personal account and linking them to amoCRM, the following features will be available:

  • you can start a chat from any number connected to the integration. Each number has its own chat start button. The buttons display the names of the number from RadistWeb

  • In the transaction, you can see from which company number the chat is conducted

  • The template selection button in the chat window is displayed only in WABA chats

  • When sending the template number, the number through which you open the chat is used (or you have chosen the right conversation with the right number with the client)

  • You can choose from which number to create chats in mass actions:

Instructions: how to create chats with clients in mass actions:

  • In transactions, you can look at the sources: to which number the client wrote and the transaction was created

  • When numbers are connected, sources for each number are created in funnels for them

    This will allow you to set up "Undelivered" for each number in your personal account of RadistWeb. And also connect each number to a separate funnel for a more flexible distribution of applications.

In the personal account of RadistWeb it will look like this: you can select the "Undelivered" status in any funnel

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