Mass creation of chats in the WABA

version 1 of 12.01.22

Mass chat creation is used when there is a list of contacts in the database for which you want to start a WABA chat.

In order not to start a chat by hand in each transaction separately, it can be done en masse by contacts.

Important nuances:

  • If a contact has multiple numbers, chat will only start with the first contact's number.

  • Chat will not start in the current contact, if this phone number already exists in the amoSRM database and the chat is already started by it.

  • Chat will not start if phone number is wrong, e.g. 1234 or 1123asd123.

  • Chat will start even if the number is NOT registered in WhatsApp.

Video demonstration of mass chat creation 👇

The video is recorded on the example of unofficial integration with WhatsApp, it is also relevant for WABA

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