Catalogs in your personal account are necessary to sort products by their groups, so that they are easier to find.

The "Catalogs" section is located in your personal account in the "Sales" module:

Creating a catalog:

When you click on "Create Directory", a page for creating a directory will open

Adding products

  • all the products that are in the "Products" section are displayed here. You can create a catalog without selecting products (empty)

  • when you click on the product block, you can add or remove a check mark. Products that have a tick on them rise above the rest, beyond the line.

These are the products selected to be added to the catalog

  • After clicking "create directory", the directory will be created, and a notification will appear on a green background "The directory has been successfully created"

  • for convenience, there is a search field

Displaying already added directories:

Directory blocks display:

  • name of the catalog

  • the number of products in the catalog

  • buttons "delete" and "edit"

Catalogs are displayed in chronological order. Above are the very first created directories

Editing and Deleting a directory:

Catalog page:

How to go to the catalog: click on the catalog panel

  • the "back" button returns to the main page of the "directories" section with a list of directories

  • open directory icon and name

  • products in the catalog

  • search field for products in the catalog

  • button to remove the product from the catalog

  • "Show on the page" (should be displayed only when the number of products is 26 or more): you can select from the drop-down list (25/50/75/100). 25 is the default until the user selects a different value

Removing a product from the catalog:

When you click on "Delete product" in this window, the window will close, the product will be deleted, and a notification on a green background "changes have been successfully saved" should appear

Important: If you want to delete the product completely from the company, then you need to delete it in the "products" section

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