If the customer number is not in WA, then send a text/email or perform another action

Version 1 of 28.02.22

If the client's number is not registered in WhatsApp, our special trigger can track this and perform two actions: fill in the field and/or change the stage of the deal.

Then on changing the field or changing the stage you can trigger the actions you need: send an SMS to the number, send an email, set a task for the manager, etc.

Video instruction on how to set up a trigger for number verification in WhatsApp 👇

Instructions with screenshots on how to set up a trigger to check the number in WhatsApp

Select the WABA Radist.Online trigger. This trigger will check for WhatsApp presence on the numbers when transactions are created or transition

4) Set the trigger to execute "When transitioning or creating in a step". Click "Configure".

5) This will open a window for configuring the trigger.

6) The first field "Trigger Action" has 2 values:

Leave the first action "Check for WhatsApp".

7) The integration will check the existence of WhatsApp in the main contact's first number. The first number of the main contact is shown in the screenshot.

8) Based on the number check, you can perform 2 actions simultaneously or one of the two:

  • fill in the box

  • change the lead stage

9) Action fill in the field.

The field in the contact card with the type "flag" is filled in.

10) To create a field with the "toggle switch" type, go to the field settings in the contact card.

Click the "Add field" button - select the field type "toggle switch" - name the field - save - close the field settings.

11) Once the field is filled out, it can be used when setting up salesbot.

After launching in salesbot select "Condition" by the created field with the type "toggle switch" in the contact card.

If the field has an own value of "Yes", then . (you can send a message to WhatsApp).

If the field has an intrinsic value "No", then ... (you can send an email, set a task to the manager, send an internal message to the manager, change the stage of the deal, configure texting, etc.)

Salesbot put to be executed at transition or creation in the stage after 1 minute (delay is necessary if the number verification trigger does not have time to work before salesbot).

11) Action to change the stage of the transaction.

For this action, you need to select or create 2 statuses, where the transaction will move, based on the number check.

In each status you can configure triggers to send a message, letter, sms, etc.

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