WhatsApp Business API

version 1 of 24.12.21

The name amoCRM has changed to Kommo.com

Thank you for your interest in integrating WABA+amoCRM! (Kommo.com) Below you will find general information on how to work with WABA through your personal Radist web account and in amoCRM.

24-hour dialog timer in Kommo.com

See how WABA works in Kommo.com with one number connected 👇

To connect an additional number in Kommo.com you need to add a new WBA number in the "Connections" section of the Personal Area, then connect the added number to the integration with Kommo.com (go to instructions).

See how WABA works in Kommo.com with multiple numbers connected:

If you're having trouble integrating, check out the first aid section:

Once you are connected to the integration, you will be able to:

1) Write to the client from Kommo.com (AmoCRM) first without bans

2) Qualify customers by their first message and track conversion through Roistat

3) Use Emoji in correspondence

4) Use multi-accounting - the ability to add multiple numbers in one Kommo.com account Instruction manual:

5) Sell without sellers, using Digital funnel, configuring salesbot

6) Sending templates for moderation by yourself through your personal 360dialog account

❗️ It is important to know about the message limits per day. After connecting you will have a level of 1 - 1000 unique chats per day. Read about the limits and the quality score here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/api/rate-limits?locale=en_US

7) Make mailings to deals and contacts using template messages.

Read more in the instructions (click to go).

8) Use the "Check WhatsApp availability on customer's phone number" feature.

❗️By default, this feature is turned off, because WhatsApp says in its rules that it is not recommended to automatically detect the presence of WhatsApp on the number. You can get your WABA account blocked for this. You can use this feature at your own risk!

🔹 To enable the function, you must:

  1. Go to the Radist Web Personal Area https://radist.online/login/eng

  2. Section "Integrations" - "Installed WABA+amoCRM (Kommo.com)

  3. Turn the toggle switch on "Check if WhatsApp is on the number".

  4. Save the changes.

The presence of WhatsApp notifies the WhatsApp icon next to the customer number: red icon - the number is not registered on WhatsApp grey icon - the number could not be checked for WhatsApp presence green icon - the number is registered on WhatsApp

9) Mass WABA chat creation for all contacts in the Kommo.com base. Read more in the instructions (click to go).

10) Use the "Check for WhatsApp availability on the client's phone number" function and set the action to the bot based on the result of the check (trigger). 📙Instructions for setting up the trigger to check numbers.

11) Use WABA templates with dynamic URL links in amoCRM (Kommo.com). https://docs.radist.online/docs/v/english-2/our-products/whatsapp-business-api/template-moderation/how-waba-templates-work-with-dynamic-url-links-in-amocrm

12) You will be able to write first, not from a template message. Read more in the instructions (click to go)

⚠️ NOTE When your employee contacted technical support with questions about the integration, he must specify the company ID from his personal cabinet.

This is to maintain confidentiality, so that we can be sure that it is an employee of your company. Otherwise, tech support may be denied until the employee's participation is confirmed by you.

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