Quick Registration

version 1 of 27.12.21

Before you start registering for WABA, we recommend that you read the rules of WABA.

After a quick registration you will have the following restrictions:

  • Immediately after connecting to WABA, 10 unique numbers can write to you first in the day, initiating communication themselves.

  • You can write FIRST to only 2 unique numbers per day, using template messages. On each number you can send no more than 10 template messages.

24-48 hours after connecting to WABA (after checking of commercial activity and sanctions and checking of displayed name) restrictions are changed to:

  • Unlimited number of incoming and outgoing messages within one dialog per day.

  • You can start a dialogue FIRST only with 50 unique numbers per day.

  • Ability to register up to two (2) WABA phone numbers per company.

To remove the restrictions, you need to verify the company on Facebook.

You will need to fill out the form:

1) link your personal Facebook page, under which you have an account in Facebook Business Manager

2) the phone number that will be connected to WABA

It is better to take a new number, because once the number is connected to WABA, it will be impossible to get it back, it will go to Facebook forever, you will not be able to run it in your phone in WhatsApp application.

3) have a company website (social networking page will not work)

4) confirm the number via SMS code or call.

The sim of the connected number must be in your phone to receive sms, or you can use the phone number, and then get a call with a code.

5) a named debit or credit card to pay for your WABA account.

360dialog payment terms:

  1. You can use a named debit or credit card to pay.

  2. After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation.

  3. You will be charged 19 euros when you sign up - that's payment for two months.

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