How to write to the client's username

In KommoCRM, you can write to the client on telegram if you know his username (of the form @username).

How it works:

There is a “Telegram” button in the chat window (In the “transaction”/”buyer")

When you click on it, a window opens to start a chat via username.

Step 1: select the contact to which the chat will be linked (in the drop-down list there will be a list of all contacts in the transaction)

Step 2: select the telegram number (all telegram numbers connected to the integration will be in the drop-down list)

Step 3: specify the username of the contact (with or without “@”, there is no difference) When you click “create chat”, a chat will be created. Your page will be updated. You will need to select a contact again in the chat and you can write a message.


If there is no contact in the transaction at all, in order to send a message via username, you must first create a contact, and only then bind the username to this contact.

You can view the linked username of a contact only through our RadistWeb personal account by typing username in the search.

If we don't know the contact's phone number, but just want to write via username, it's not necessary to add the phone number to the contact. You can immediately bind and write via username. You just select the contact to which the username will be linked, and write his username, and then you send the message.

The same username cannot be assigned to two contacts. An error will appear that a chat with such a username already exists and will show the contact to which this username is already linked.

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