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Chat interface

Counter of unanswered messages

Chats are arranged depending on which chat the last incoming message came to. Opposite the chat, where there are unanswered messages (not to be confused with "not read"), the counter is lit in green, indicating how many incoming messages came from the client.
There are two ways to reset the unanswered message counter:
1 - send a response message to the client
2 - click the "No reply is required" button

Message statuses

There are 4 types of message statuses:
  1. 1.
    Sent (1 gray check mark)
2. Delivered (2 gray check marks)
3. Read (2 green check marks)
4. Delivery error (exclamation mark)

Voice messages

Voice message recording starts by clicking on the "microphone" icon in the chat window:
By clicking on the "cross", you can cancel sending, by clicking on the "checkmark" - send a record of a voice message.