How subscriptions are paid

In order not to miss the subscription payment deadlines, be sure to turn on renewal notifications in the RadistWeb personal account in the "Notifications" section.

If your company settings specify the currency as the Ruble, when you click on the "Pay" button, the prices will be in rubles.

Instruction manual: How to change the payment currency

When you open the “subscriptions” page, the checkboxes are on all types of subscriptions (except “frozen”)

When you click “pay”, you will be asked to pay for all subscriptions that are ticked.

(If you don't want to extend any integration yet, uncheck the integration box).

Select the integration checkmark that you want to extend, and click the "Pay" button.

The payment window opens:

❗️ It is not possible to pay the bill in dollars. Only by card and only in dollars. Payment is possible from any country except Iran

This is how the final invoice page looks like:

The payment window looks like this:

After payment, the subscription will automatically last for the paid period

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