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The home page when there are no subscriptions looks like this:
Useful to know:
  • Subscriptions are created for each type of connection.
  • Subscription is created only when any type of connection is connected in the personal account in the “Settings” section - “Connections” (i.e. if a phone number, a group, a terminal from a bank, etc. is added)
  • By clicking on the “Tariff” button, you can get acquainted with our current tariffs for connecting a particular integration.
When the number/terminal/group is added to the LC (personal account) for the first time, a subscription is created and the test period begins (by default: 3 days)
Example: The client has never connected the telegram number. He adds the first telegram number, and he will have a subscription, the test period will start counting down in 3 days. All telegram numbers that the client will add during this test period will be automatically added to the subscription. The rooms will be available for free until the end of the test period. After the expiration of 3 days, the test period will end and sending / receiving messages from the telegram will no longer work.
If the test period ends and the subscription is not paid, the connections will not work (terminals, numbers, groups)
According to the statuses, there are 3 types of subscriptions (see the screenshot):
1️⃣ Paid subscription
2️⃣ Overdue payment in subscription
3️⃣ Subscription during the test period
Let's say they connected and paid for integration with Telegram (WhatsApp). In the section “Connections” connected the number, and in the “Subscriptions” section, a Telegram (WhatsApp) subscription with up-to-date data appears.
On this page, you can immediately see information such as:
  • By what date/deadline the integration was paid for
  • How many telegram numbers are included in the subscription
  • Ability to add company details for subscription renewal/payment
  • Information on already issued invoices
  • Subscription payment button
  • Subscription editing button

How to make changes to a Subscription:

Clicking on "Edit" will open a form for making changes to the subscription, where you can Add or remove connected numbers from the Subscription. Thus, you can manage the payment for each number and immediately see the subscription period (see the screenshot)
Important: If the subscription expiration date is less than 5 days: the client cannot increase the number of numbers/terminals/groups in the subscription.
When trying to add a connection to the "In subscription" column, if the payment period becomes less than 5 days: the connection is transferred back to the "not in subscription" column, and a notification is displayed that can be closed by clicking on the "OK" button (done in order not to take the subscription period into the negative)

How to freeze a subscription:

The client can also "freeze" the subscription (suspend, with the paid days frozen). A frozen subscription is when the integration has been paid for, but there are no connections in it.
If you delete all connections from the subscription:
  • If the subscription is test: the subscription will remain test, but without connections. test subscription cannot be frozen. Even if you remove all connections from the test subscription, the counting of test days will still continue.
  • If the subscription is paid: the subscription is frozen, indicating the paid period (The period is indicated based on 1 connection)
How to do it: Let's say the client has a Telegram subscription connected and paid for. And the client wanted to freeze the subscription with her for a while. To do this, he needs to click on "Edit" :
Click on the transfer arrow from "In subscription" to "Not in subscription". This removes all connections, and 0 connections remain in the subscription:
And click on "Save", where the system will issue a notification that you are removing all connections from the subscription, but you have a paid period that will be frozen.
After clicking on "Freeze Subscription", the subscription will be frozen, and the integration will be displayed as follows:
A frozen subscription cannot be paid for (it does not have a “tick" for invoicing).
If you want to return the integration and use it again, you need to click on the "Edit" button and switch the subscription from "Not in subscription" to "In subscription" and click on "Save".
After that, the integration will be restored and the integration will return to active.