In this section:

  1. You can add products, and when placing links from the chat in the LC, these products can be quickly pulled into the accounts, without typing in the product data every time again

  2. These products will also be used to create catalogs from the list of products to use these catalogs for shops in Telegram Bot.

How it works:

  1. When you click "Add product", a window will open to add the product.

What fields can be filled in for the product:

  • Name (required item)

  • "Product Description” field

  • type: product/service, etc. The list is similar to the "type" field in invoicing

  • price (mandatory item. But you can specify “0”)

  • currency: so far only the Russian ruble is supported

  • VAT: select from the drop-down list. All VAT options that are available in our banking systems are displayed, including the 25% rate.

  • the field "in which directory to place": is displayed only when the company already has created directories

  • product code: input of letters/numbers/special characters

  • Photos: you can upload up to 10 pieces.

You can change the order of photos manually by dragging blocks with already uploaded photos. Each photo has a trash icon so that you can delete an already uploaded photo

A photo is not required to create a product. For products without photos, a special photo is placed in the list so that it can be seen that there is no photo of the product.

After clicking "Add product", the window for adding the product will close, and a notification will appear on a green background "The product has been successfully added"

Displaying the main page of the "Products" section when there are already added products

  • the search field works by name and by product code

  • Products are displayed as they are added (in chronological order)

  • You can choose the number of products that can be shown on the page (25/50/75/100). There is a page numbering

Product page:

When you click on the product, the product page opens. The product page displays:

  • Product code

  • product name

  • price and currency

  • which catalogs have this product

  • product photos with the ability to switch between photos by clicking on the arrows.

  • Product Description

Editing and deleting an already added product:

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