Template moderation

version 1 of 28.12.21

Watch the video: how to send a WABA template for moderation from your personal office 360dialog 👇

Rules for drafting templates.

You can go to the Personal Cabinet by following this link: https://hub.360dialog.com/auth/login

Maximum number of templates that can be created: 250 pcs.

Be careful. Remove templates that you do not use. Templates in different languages are equal to 1 template.

Template Management Features The 360 Client Hub template management interface supports both text and media templates and has the following features:

  • Creating and previewing new template messages.

  • Monitoring the current approval status of all your templates

  • Copy and delete your templates

  • Add another language to the template

Accessing the message template window

Each account has its own set of message templates. To access the message templates, click Manage Templates.

Template UI

This is the main template management page, where you can get an overview of all the templates under your number. There are 3 actions with templates:

  • Delete Template.

  • Duplicate Template. Useful for creating other variations of a similar template.

  • Add another language to the template.

Templates must be sent to Facebook for moderation before they are available for use. The moderation status of the template can be seen by the color of the template language (see statuses and screenshots below in the gallery).

Created and sent for verification.

Create a message template

To create a message template, click on the blue Add Template button on the main page.

When creating a template, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Template name - can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores ( _ ).

  • Template category:

ACCOUNT_UPDATE - ACCOUNT UPDATE (selected by default)








TICKET_UPDATE - INFORMATION ABOUT AN APPEAL. For example: "Your request number 12345 is accepted".



  • Template language - Language the template is written in

  • Template type - Standard (text only) or media template.

Creating standard (text only) templates

Standard message templates have a BODY section only. To add a variable, insert {{#}} in the message text, where # represents the numbering of the variable, which must start with {{1}}.

Creating media templates

Media templates consist of the following blocks:

  • Header

The header is optional and serves as the title or header of the template. It supports the following: 1. Text 2. Image 3. Document 4. Video

  • Body

The body should contain the most important text of the template. Only text is supported.

The header and body can contain variables. The order of the variables starts with the header and continues with the body.

For example, Right: Hello, {{1}}! - header This is company {{2}}. - body Wrong: Hello, {{1}}! - header This is company {{1}}. - body

  • Footer

The footer only supports text and can be used to provide less relevant information in a message template.

  • Button

A button adds interactivity to templates. There are two basic types of buttons:

  1. QUICK_REPLY. It is used to get a quick response from the client. It is needed to build a bot depending on the client's answer. The maximum number of buttons - 3 on one template.


  • PHONE_NUMBER - a phone number in the button text, on pressing on which the call will be made.

  • URL - the text of the button will contain an inscription, for example: "View video". When you click on the button will be a link to the site/video, etc.

Maximum one template can contain one URL and one phone number.

Buttons can not contain any variables, new strings, emoticons or formatting characters, smilies.

When submitting a template for moderation, you must specify examples of filling out the fields in the preview and attach an example file. Without examples, the template will not be accepted for moderation. You must provide a direct link to the image.

To get it, upload the image to https://imgbb.com/. Open the link to the image - Right-click - Copy the image address - Paste in the preview.

IMPORTANT: Before sending a template for moderation, you must check the text of the template for invisible characters. Check the invisible characters by following the link: https://www.soscisurvey.de/tools/view-chars.php

To delete hidden symbols, you need to put the cursor after the hidden symbol in the first window where you entered the template text and press the "delete" button on your keyboard.

If the invisible characters are not deleted, then when you send the template instead of invisible characters will be these rhombuses with questions:

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