Mailing list statuses

Scheduled broadcasts

Scheduled broadcasts look like this:

You can click on the planned newsletter and the information window will open:

It looks like this:

The planned newsletter can be "Deleted" or "Edited":

  • Remove:

  • And also edit:

Broadcasts history

Completed and launched mailings look like this:

You can click on the desired mailing list and the page of the already conducted mailing list will open:

It looks like this:

The "create the same broadcast" button leads to the mailing list creation page with the same parameters that were selected in the current newsletter (The "Create the same newsletter" button is not shown to users who do not have access to creating newsletters)

  • The "Status" column:

Shows the mailing status:

  • "Sent" (the newsletter is started, but not completed). When this status is reached, a "Stop" button is added to the mailing list (the button is visible only to those employees who have access to editing and/or creating newsletters.)

  • Completed

  • "Error" (when hovering over the icon next to the status, show the reason for the error in the pop-up field, such as "Subscription not paid", "Connection not in subscription", etc

The started mailing list can be stopped by clicking the "Stop" button:

When you click on the stop button, a confirmation window will appear:

Mailing list details:

In the "Mailing History" section, you can download detailed information about the mailing list:

The file will be downloaded in Excel format and will look like this:

Setting up notifications about an upcoming newsletter

You can also set up notifications on Whatsapp so that 24 hours before the mailing, the system reminds you of the upcoming newsletter.

How to set up notifications in the "Notifications" instructions

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