Mass chat creation

version 1 of 18.11.21

Mass chat creation is used when there is a list of contacts in the amoS base that need to start a chat on WhatsApp.

In order not to start a chat by hand in each transaction separately, it can be done en masse by contacts.

Important nuances:

  • If a contact has multiple numbers, chat will only start with the first contact's number.

  • Chat will not start in the current contact, if this phone number already exists in the amoSRM database and the chat is already started by it.

  • Chat will not start if phone number is wrong, e.g. 1234 or 1123asd123.

  • Chat will start even if the number is NOT registered in WhatsApp.

Video demonstration of mass chat creation 👇

Instructions on how to mass create a WhatsApp chat in amoCRM

1) In amoCRM go to Lists - Contacts

In the table, be sure to display the "Phone" field, if it does not exist. To do this:

  • click on the triple dot - table settings

  • Find the "Phone" field - display it in the table - click Done.

3) Select the checkboxes of the necessary contacts

If you select all contacts, keep in mind that one page displays a maximum of 200 contacts. To display 200 contacts on one page, scroll down the page and change the setting to 200 in the lower right corner.

Selecting all contacts on the 1st page, only 200 contacts on that page are selected, but not all of the contacts in the amoCRM database, even though amoCRM shows that 19256 are selected.

This means that if you have 1000 contacts in your amoCRM database. Displaying a maximum of 200 contacts on the 1st page, you will need to bulk create a chat 5 times.

4) Click on More - Radist.Online (WhatsApp)

5) A window will appear that displays the number of selected contacts and the conditions under which the creation of chats will work: "Chats will be created if the contact has a full phone number field and no chats created yet.

6) Click "Create chats"

7) A window will appear with the words: "Request accepted, chat creation in progress".

❗️ Chats are not created instantly, it will take time to create them (about 3-5 seconds to create 1 chat, depending on the number of chats in the queue).

You can click anywhere on the screen to make the window disappear, and then continue to work. There is no need to wait for chat creation to finish. There will be no more additional window about the end of the process.

8) The created chat can be checked on any of the contacts by going to the associated transaction.

A green icon will appear under the contact's name and a watsap chat will be created with that contact.

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