How to connect Telegram Bot to RadistWeb

To connect the Telegram Bot in the RadistWeb personal account, go to the "Connections" section and select “Telegram Bot” there

Click on the "Add Number" button

Enter the connection name (any) and the token from the bot (how to create a bot and get a token, instructions on the page):

How to create a bot in Telegram and where to find a Token?

  1. Open @BotFather in Telegram and click “start”

  2. Create a new bot by sending a text /newbot

  3. BotFather will ask you to come up with a name and a username for the bot (the username must end with bot or _bot)

  4. BotFather will send a token (example: 1265805111:AAFbgplbx0LtiADh8w2-VEUOaG9sabybX0c)

    Detailed instructions for the BotFather service: LINK

When clicked “Connect” the notification “bot successfully connected” will appear, and the connection will appear on the page on the block posted:

  • connection name

  • the bot's username (it cannot be changed, it is set when creating a bot in BotFather

  • connection number

  • status (connection)

“edit” button:

clicking on it opens a page for editing the bot, you can change the connection name and/or update the token (you also need to update the token in botfather)

the “delete” button sends it to our Technical Support, since there is no function for deleting connections from the RadistWeb Personal Account yet

And similarly to the principle of operation of all connections: a test subscription is created and Telegram Bot will be added there

Working with telegram bot chats

The difference between Telegram Bot and other connections: you can't start a chat with Telegram Bot connections. When trying to create a chat, the Telegram Bot connection will simply not be displayed in the available ones.

Chat rooms in RadistWeb will appear by themselves, as messages from clients in the bot arrive.

Also, in chats with Telegram Bot, the contact number is not displayed

When you connect a Telegram Bot in your Personal Account, chats in your Personal Account will appear within 15 minutes


  1. If subscription payments are blocked and limits are closed, then you will not be able to connect Telegram Bot either (a message will appear that you need to contact technical support to increase the limit)

  2. Standard limits on Telegram Bot connection: 5 connections. If you want to connect more, contact technical support to increase the limits

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