Adding a catalog application to Meta for Developers

In order for products to be seen in WhatsApp, you need to add the app to Facebook Developers and give it the appropriate access.

This document describes the second step in adding WABA catalogs:

  • Adding catalogs to Facebook + connecting them to WhatsApp Business account

  • Adding a catalog app to Meta for Developers

  • Connecting catalogs to a number in RadistWeb

Let's take a look at connecting the application step by step:

Registration in Meta for Developers

  1. First of all, you need to register your Meta for Developers account. You need to log in to your Facebook account and go to the website

  2. The main Meta* for Developers window will open, in the upper right corner click on the "Log In" button, then you will need to confirm the binding of your account to Meta for Developers

  1. The window of linking your Facebook account to Meta* for Developers will open, you need to click "continue"

  2. In the next window you should select "Developer" and click complete registration. An account in Meta for Developers will be created.

Creating an app in

After authorizing an account in Meta for Developers, let's start creating the application:

  1. In the top right corner, select "My Apps" and then click on the green "Create App" button

  1. A window will open in which you will have to choose from the suggested options what you need the application for. Here, check "Other" and click the "Next" button

  1. In the next "Application Type" window, select "Business" and click on the "Next" button

  1. At this step we specify only the name of the application, you can specify any name, you don't need to choose anything else, click the "Create Application" button.

  1. A window will open with a list of applications, you need to scroll to the bottom and select "Facebook Login for Business" and click "Set up"

  1. On the next page, you need to select at the top "Switch to Facebook Login."

  1. A pop-up window will appear where you need to select "Other" and click on "Switch to Facebook Login"

  1. After switching to Facebook login** you need to scroll down to the "Client OAuth settings" block and activate the "Login with the JavaScript SDK" switch (you need to move the switch to the "Yes" position), then enter in the field just below "Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK" and save your changes.

The application is saved. Now you need to get the Application ID and secret key.

How to find the application ID and secret key

  1. If you continue with the previous steps - after saving, you should select "Application Settings" on the left panel, "Basic" tab. You need to copy the values from the Application ID and Application Secret fields, to get the latter you need to click on the "Show" button to the right of the field with the secret key. These data are entered into the corresponding fields in the RadistWeb cabinet

  1. If you have closed Meta* for Developers, or you need to update your data in your RadistWeb account, you need to go to the website, select "My Apps" in the upper right corner and in the list of apps select the one you created for the Waba catalogs

  1. The application settings window will open, on the left panel you need to select "Application settings - main"

  1. Further everything is the same as in point 1 - copy the values from the fields Application ID and Application Secret, to get the latter you should click on the "Show" button to the right of the field with the secret key.

  1. Application ID and secret key must be entered when enabling catalogs in the RadistWeb cabinet - Settings - Connections - WhatsApp Business API - Edit - Display products in WhatsApp account, click "Next" and log in to Facebook

You can read more about connecting a catalog to a number in RadistWeb here:

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