Group chats in Telegram for (amoCRM)

Our service supports group chats in WhatsApp and Telegram

How to activate WhatsApp Group Chat support

The group chat support feature is disabled by default. New messages will start coming from the moment you turn them on. If you turn off the switch, messages will stop coming from group chats, but the old chats will remain in the system.

How to enable:

To enable group chats, you need to:

  1. Go to our Radist Web personal account

  2. Go to the "Connections" section in the settings and select "Telegram Personal" there

  3. Click on the "Edit" button

  4. Enable the slider "Receive messages from group chats" and "Save changes"

  5. βœ… Done. The Telegram group chat support feature is enabled.

How Group chats work in RadistWeb:

Group chats in our personal RadistWeb account are displayed as follows:

πŸ“ The avatar is displayed only if it is set to the profile setting in the Telegram application.

πŸ“ The name of the group is also pulled up from Telegram.

If there is no avatar, the standard icon will be displayed.:

πŸ“ Phone numbers are not displayed in the opened profile, only the name of the group. Since it is impossible to display such information in groups.

πŸ“There is no automatic saving of contacts from the group.

πŸ“It is impossible to quote messages.

πŸ“The contact name will be the one that the client specified in Telegram. If the phone number is not hidden in the privacy settings, it will also be displayed.

πŸ“The username of the contact is not supported in our RadistWeb account.

πŸ“ We support up to 1000 participants

πŸ“ If the chat becomes a supergroup, we create a new deal

πŸ“ We do not support forums, subgroups of the same group

How Group chats work in (amoCRM):

You can chat in group chats in inbox (amoCRM)

In (amoCRM), group chats look like this:

⚠️ Nuances of the "Telegram Group Chat Support" function for (amoCRM):

  1. Group chats are available in RadistWeb chats as well as in (amoCRM).

  2. The first message in the group chat creates a group contact without a phone number and a deal or "Undelivered" β€” it depends on the integration settings in the personal account. The following messages will not create anything so as not to clog up the CRM.

  3. If a contact is added to a group chat that is not in CRM, new entries in amoCRM are not created. A new contact and a deal appear only if the client writes directly to the dialogue with the company.

  4. You can write to group chats via Salesbot in amoCRM, but you need to use the "Initiate Communication" step. Unfortunately, "send a message" will not work.

  5. You cannot remove members from the group. Neither via (amoCRM), nor via RadistWeb. The participant can be removed only through the application in the phone

  6. We do not have the ability to configure the visibility of the chat or the responsible person in RadistWeb. In (amoCRM), the settings of the CRM system itself. There are no such settings on our side.

  7. We support up to 1000 participants

  8. If the chat becomes a supergroup, we create a new deal

  9. We do not support forums, subgroups of the same group

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