Rules for working with WABA

version 1 of 24.12.21


WABA - WhatsApp Business API account, official integration.

Unique number - one specific customer number. If one client has 2 different numbers, then count for 2 unique numbers.

360dialog - the name of the company, the official provider of WhatsApp Business API in Russia.

Verification of the company - passing the verification of the legal entity in Facebook, you need to attach the founding documents, the company website, by which Facebook tech support will check the company for authenticity.

Template message - template messages (or HSM template) - this is a message which will be sent to the client to initiate or continue the dialog outside the 24-hour window.

The text of such messages must be moderated (coordinated) in Facebook.

Moderation of one template takes 3-4 hours.

24-hour dialog window - from the moment you received the last incoming message from the client, the 24-hour window opens, during which you can send an unlimited number of free messages to the client.

When more than 24 hours pass since the client's last message, the dialog window will close and you can start a dialog with the client only with a paid template message.

⚠️ Rules for working with WABA

When working with clients in WABA issues, the Radist.Online support team is only responsible for the operation of our service products - the WABA-number bundle and RadistWeb or CRM systems supported by us.

Issues related to WABA maintenance and payment are handled by the customer directly with 360Dialog: we provide interaction instructions when possible, but issues are handled by 360Dialog's TA. The only thing we can do for the client is to take the client's issued ticket number and ask them to review it faster - and even then, 360Dialog is responsible for the speed of response. The Radist.Online team is not responsible for the speed and competence of 360Dialog's response: we cannot rush or respond for 360Dialog.

☝️For a general understanding and security of your business, let's clarify the specifics of connecting to WABA:

1️⃣ The WABA number will be placed on Facebook's servers and you will NOT be able to reconnect it to your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business mobile application. Therefore, we recommend that you connect a number to WABA that has never been used before. All correspondence will be carried out only through the platform to which you connect WhatsApp.

The ability to receive ordinary calls and SMS will remain.

To connect the number to WABA, the number must be deleted from the mobile application WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business: -> Open WhatsApp on your phone -> Tap Settings -> Account or Account -> Delete account or Delete account -> Enter your phone number in full international format and click DELETE ACCOUNT or Delete Account -> Choose why you want to delete your account from the drop-down menu. -> Click DELETE ACCOUNT or Delete account.

2️⃣The date the number is connected to WABA is the start date of the paid period of use of WABA. That is, if the number is connected to WABA, but the actual work has not started, you will still need to pay for the WABA account.

3️⃣ The technical implementation of chat rooms in amoCRM and WABA impose some restrictions on mailings

If you're going to do a newsletter, the messages will go through all the messengers that are in the deal (buyer) card. This means that the WABA template message will go to all messengers, which can cause your other integrations (Instagram, etc.) to be banned. Since template messages are not supported by other messengers, they go "as is," which can lead to miscommunication on the part of the customer.

4️⃣ The template message that you will send to the client first or after closing the 24h dialog box, you need to agree with WhatsApp. This allows WhatsApp to ensure that your number is protected from being banned.

5️⃣ After a client replies to you, you can write anything you want for 24 hours, absolutely free. 24 hours are counted from the LAST response from the client.

6️⃣ Before submitting company data for verification, fill in the "Company name" field in Facebook Business Manager with the display name (the name displayed in your WhatsApp profile).

If facebook detects a mismatch between the company name in Facebook Business Manager and the Display Name, the Display Name will not pass moderation.

7️⃣ You will not be able to use your WABA number in your facebook ad.

8️⃣ You cannot use the WABA solution to send messages to or from the following countries and regions: Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Cuba, Syria.

9️⃣ You will not be able to send messages from your WABA number to a customer's WABA number.

🔟 Your company must comply with the WhatsApp Trading Policy in order to use WABA:

All responsibility for non-compliance with the Trade Policy rests with you! Read it carefully! For non-compliance, Facebook may block your WABA account, or reject your verification.

Restrictions after quick registration and after verification

To start using WABA, all you need to do is a quick registration on Facebook.

After a quick registration you will have the following restrictions:

  • Immediately after connecting to WABA, 10 unique numbers can write to you first in the day, initiating communication themselves.

  • You can write FIRST to only 2 unique numbers per day, using template messages. You can send a maximum of 10 template messages to each number.

24-48 hours after connecting to WABA (after checking commercial activity and sanctions and checking the displayed name), the restrictions are changed to:

  • Unlimited number of incoming and outgoing messages within one dialog per day.

  • You can start a conversation FIRST only with 50 unique numbers per day.

  • Ability to register up to two (2) WABA phone numbers per company.

To remove the restrictions, you need to verify the company on Facebook.

After passing the verification there will be the following conditions:

  • Unlimited number of incoming and outgoing messages within one dialog per day.

  • You can start a dialog FIRST without any restrictions.

  • The maximum number of template messages is 250.

  • ❗️ It is important to know about the message limits per day. After you join Full Rate you will have 1 - 1000 unique numbers per day. Check out the limits and the quality score here:

🔥WABA Cost

1️⃣WABA Account (Pay via Facebook) € 10 / month

2️⃣Widget (WABA integration with CRM-system)

A) when paying for 1 month - 32€ / month

B) Buying 3 months: -10% discount, Total 87€, (29€/month)

C) Buying 6 months: -15% discount, Total 162€, (27€/month)

D) Buying 12 months: -20% discount, Total 307€, (25€/month)

3️⃣Connecting an additional number to the widget (+ additional payment for a number on Facebook 10 €)

A) when paying for 1 month - 25 €/month

B) Buying 3 months: -10% discount, Total 68€, (23€/month)

C) Buying 6 months: -15% discount, Total 128€, (21€/month)

D) Buying 12 months: -20% discount, Total 240€, (20€/month)

4️⃣Template messages - paid directly to Facebook through the personal account of the 360dialog provider according to the Facebook price list:

⚠️ Setup (verification) is paid separately - 60€ (one-time payment).

WABA Features

1. Buttons

Waba templates can contain buttons.

On 17.06.21 the maximum number of buttons - 3 pieces.

Buttons can be text or can provide a link to the site/video/etc. or call the phone number.

Thanks to the buttons in the template you can set up a chat-bot with buttons, so that the client could not write a message, and quickly respond by pressing the button in the menu.

2. Don't need a phone

WABA does not require a physical phone to connect to the integration.

The connected number runs on Facebook's servers, which requires no monitoring of the phone's status. The integration will always work steadily because it won't depend on your phone.

3. Newsletters

In WABA, mailings are officially allowed, without banning the number.

After connecting to WABA, any company has a limit on the number of messages sent: 1000 pcs/day.

The limit can be changed at the discretion of Facebook every week: if the policy is violated, the limit is reduced; if the policy is followed and a large number of messages are sent, the limit is increased.

Read more about the limits here:

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