Telegram Bot


Connection functionality

• messages sent to Telegram Bot will come to RadistWeb

• messages from RadistWeb are sent to the client's personal chat as a message from a Telegram Bot

• you can connect several Telegram Bots at the same time

• supports sending/receiving files, videos, documents, audio recordings

🔥 Coming soon - connection to the Telegram store is supported (release in December '22)

Telegram Bot Restrictions

• in chats with Telegram Bot, the contact number is not displayed

• you cannot start a chat with a client via Telegram Bot

Company ID

When contacting your employee about the integration work in technical support, he must specify the company ID from the LC.

This is necessary for confidentiality, so that we can be sure that this is an employee of your company. Otherwise, in may be refused until the employee's participation is confirmed by you. Where to get the ID is indicated in the screenshot below.

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