New terms and conditions of WABA from 01.02.2023

Migration to WhatsApp Cloud API, technical support and new rates

WhatsApp Cloud API is a cloud-based service for connecting to the official WhatsApp, provided by Meta

Read more about WhatsApp Cloud API technology here:

The migration of WABA customers will take place on 01.02.2023.

Change of rates

From February 1 the cost of WABA will drop from 10 € to 5 €, this price will include 1000 free dialogs per month.

The 5€ does not include technical support from 360Dialog

Support can be purchased separately for 20€ per month if needed. If you spend 1000€ per month on WABA, you will automatically have advanced support - no extra costs.

Changes in the provision of technical support

Radist.Online has decided not to provide technical support for the WABA product

Since WABA is not a product of Radist.Online and technical specialists can not help to solve problems, it was decided not to provide technical support and recommend to use the technical support 360Dialog. Our experts will send you to buy advanced support from 360Dialog, if you need it. Important point: by default all clients, no matter if they are on-premise (connected before January 31st, 2023) or new to 360Dialog, will be on a plan without support. This means that since 1.02.23 you will not be able to contact 360 for technical questions. And you will have to buy an extended package. If you don't want to pay for support, documentation is available. Both ours and from 360Dialog

If you need WABA tech support, you will need to send us your FBM ID and connected phone number so that we can ask you to open a 360Dialog tech support payment option.

Features of the transition to CloudApi

⚠️Small one-time delays of up to 15 minutes are possible during number migration

All its parameters migrate with the number:

— display name; — the quality ratig of the account (Quality Rating); — the set message limit (e.g. 1000 dialogs per day); — OBA (if the account has one); —all approved template messages.

Templates that have not been approved, need fixing or have been rejected - will not pass migration and will be deleted. History of messages, media and chats in this process also is not transferred. But all the messages will remain in your CRM system (amoCRM or Bitrix24) until you manually delete the dialogue.

After migration, all sent templates will automatically be charged at the new rates.

If you have an Indian number, WhatsApp Business Compliance data will not pass the migration, it will need to be re-filled manually. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists at the link or write in the comments.

🧡 Thank you for your attention!

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