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The "Sales" module

Thank you for your interest in the Telegram shop product! 🧡
At the moment, the alpha version of the product is presented. We continue to work on expanding the functionality, the information on this page will be updated.
Telegram shop is a platform for creating a shop in Telegram without programming in 10 minutes. A Telegram shop user can view and buy products, study their characteristics and prices.
❓ Suitable for whom? - Companies that communicate with customers and sell on Telegram.
To create shop Telegrams, you must first connect Telegram Bot.

For the Telegram shop to work, you can:

Create products
The product page displays:
  • Product code;
  • Product name;
  • Price and currency (currently only the ₽ currency is supported)
  • Which catalogs have this product;
  • Product photos with the ability to switch between photos by clicking on the arrows;
  • Product description. Read more here
  • Create directories
The catalog displays:
  • products in the catalog;
  • search field for products in the catalog;
  • button to remove the product from the catalog Read more here

Create shops:

In the block of each shop:
  • shop name;
  • a link to the shop and a button to copy the link;
  • "edit" and "delete" buttons;
  • Button to add a new shop. Read more here
One Telegram Bot = One shop.
But you can connect an unlimited number of Telegram Bot to each shop

The functionality of the Telegram shop

✅ The customer sees the products that have been added to the catalog
✅ Baskets with selected products are automatically displayed in the RadistWeb chat. The message with the basket displays:
  • list of goods, product codes (if any), number of units, cost - total cost
  • comment on the order (if any)
✅ The ability to use the chat functionality in RadistWeb and correspond with the client
✅ Ability to send and receive files, videos, documents, audio recordings

Nuances of working with the Telegram shop:

In chats with the Telegram shop, contact numbers are not displayed - you cannot write to the first customer

The telegram store is connected in a few steps:

  1. 1.
    Connect Telegram Bot to RadistWeb
  2. 2.
    Adding products and catalogs
  3. 3.
    Connect The shop
  4. 4.
    We link the shop to Telegram Bot
✅ Done. You can test it.