Connecting to via Radist Web personal account

version 2 of 15.11.23

The name amoCRM has changed to

Log in to the Radist Web Personal Area or register through the link:

If you are a PARTNER, then create a separate personal account for the client's contact information, so that the owner of the account is the CLIENT. When registering a company, specify YOUR PROMOCODE.

You can add yourself to the Client's personal account by administrator to make the settings.

You DO NOT need to connect the integration with the client's account to your personal account for the test, then you can't transfer the integration to the client's personal account.

After registering a company or logging into your personal cabinet, you will have a Chats window.

1) To connect a WABA number to go to Settings - Connections - WhatsApp Business API

2) Next, you will need to log in to your 360 Dialog account, which contains the connected number - the "Log in via 360Dialog" button. The authorization window will open as a "pop up window"

Open pop-up window with authorization in 360 Dialog:

After logging in to the 360ialog cabinet, a window will open with a number selection, in the Numbers drop-down list you need to select your number, tick it and click Add Select, then click Save selection:

The number is added and will be displayed as additional numbers on the WhatsApp Business API page in RadistWeb.

3) Go to "Integrations" - Available WhatsApp Business API+amoCRM ( integration for new account

If you already have an integration with your account and want to add a second WABA number to the same account, select the already connected integration above under "Installed".

4) Press the "Connect integration" button - select the account you want to connect to your personal account - press "Allow"

5) Go back to "Integrations" - under "Installed" find a connected account - click on it

6) Press "+Add phone number" - Select the WABA number you want to connect to this account - press "Add"

7) The number will be added to the, set the Funnel and status to create deals from the WABA.

An additional WABA number is connected to the in the same way.

The "Write from number" toggle switch is enabled for the WABA number from which the salesbot in will start the initiation.

The "Check if WhatsApp is on the number" toggle switch - ❗️This functionality is disabled by default, because WhatsApp says in its rules that it is not recommended to automatically detect the presence of WhatsApp on the number. You can get your WABA account blocked for doing so. You can use this feature at your own risk!

The presence of WhatsApp on the number notifies the whatsapp icon next to the customer number in the deal: red icon - the number is not registered on WhatsApp grey icon - the number failed to check for WhatsApp green icon - the number is registered on WhatsApp

Watch the video demonstration here: (Turn on the English subtitles)

"Create an invoice in a lead when receiving a cart of products" - Will create an Account in amoCRM every time a basket of WABA products arrives

Integration On" toggle switch - enables/disables integration on a specific account for all connected numbers.

8) From this point on, the integration of WABA + amoCRM ( is active. 🦚

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