How to make a newsletter

To create a newsletter, you need to click on "Create broadcast"

The mailing list creation window opens:

The conditions for selecting contacts are set up, if they already exist in the company. Until the conditions are selected, the total number of contacts in RadistWeb in the company is displayed

How to add a condition: click on the "add condition" button, select tags A choice will appear between "all conditions" and "one of the conditions" (by default , "all conditions" is selected)

  • "all conditions": means that only those contacts that meet all the conditions will get to the recipients of the mailing list

  • "one of the conditions": means that only those contacts that meet all the conditions will get to the recipients of the mailing list meet at least one of the conditions

Depending on the selected conditions and this filter “all conditions”/”one of the conditions”, the number of recipients will change.

❗️There is no limit on the number of mailing recipients

Instructions: "How to create and edit tags"

  • Step 4. Select "If the contact has multiple numbers"

One contact can have several numbers: Number 1 and Number 2.

"Sending a newsletter to the last active chat" - send a newsletter to the chat to the number on which the last communication was conducted

"Sending a mailing list to all numbers" - the mailing list will go to all contact numbers

❗️ This step is not present when “Your list of recipients (applies to all types of connections) is selected in the ”Contacts for mailing“ field

  • Step 5. Message for mailing

5.1 If WABA is selected:

The template selection window opens:

When a template is selected, the template itself is shown, buttons for uploading attachments, if a file with an attachment. When the file is uploaded, it is displayed in the template field

5.2 If Telegram/WhatsApp (Unofficial Integration)/Telegram Bot is selected:

Supported format: text, file, emoji

Limits on the number of characters in a mailing message:

To the text - 8192

File signature - 1024

You can attach only 1 file/picture/video to a message

  • Step 6. Approximate duration of mailing

    The approximate duration of the mailing is indicated The approximate duration of the mailing is calculated as 1.2 seconds per recipient

  • Step 7. Sending the newsletter now or later

If the check mark on "postpone mailing" is not put down, then the newsletter is launched immediately by clicking the "Send now" button

When you select "postpone mailing", a field will open to select the date and time of sending the mailing

The maximum postponement period for mailing: 1 month. A date later than 1 month cannot be entered in this field ( ❗️ 1 month is not from the moment the mailing list was created, but from the moment this field was edited)


All sent mailings or "scheduled" mailings can be viewed in the "Mailings" section. There you can also view the status for them and edit if necessary.

For more details, see the following instructions: "Mailing statuses"

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