What to do if the integration stops working

version 1 of 12.01.22

WABA almost always works without glitches, delays, etc.

There are no delays in receiving/sending messages in WABA, as the messages go through the official WhatsApp channel.

If messages are not going/not coming

⚠️ If you have problems with integration, the first thing we recommend is to resave the widget in amoCRM. To do this:

  • Go to our Radist Web LOC: https://radist.online/login/eng

  • section "Integration"

  • In the "Available" category find your integration - click

  • click on "Connect to amocrm"

  • Choose your amocrm account

  • Press "Allow".

Check your integration.

If messages to Kommo.com leave with an error

1) If you sent a normal message, see if the dialog box is open at 24 hours?

The first thing to check is what kind of message you're sending: a standard message or a template message?

If more than 24 hours have passed since the last message of the client, the usual message can not be delivered, it is necessary to start the dialogue again by sending a template message.

If you sent a template message, see if all fields are filled. If at least one of the fields is not filled - the template can not be delivered.

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