How to set up products/catalogs on WABA

🔥 Products are an integral part of any sales. In the WhatsApp Business API, you can easily set up products and product catalogs, and your customers will be able to choose and buy the right product directly from the WhatsApp application without any separate Internet sites.

How to set them up:

Text instructions:

Setting up products consists of several stages:

  1. Setting up products on Facebook

  2. Connecting products in our personal account RadistWeb / authorization in Facebook

Step 1: Setting up Products on Facebook:

Step 2: Connecting products in our personal account RadistWeb /authorization in Facebook

All further configuration takes place in our personal account RadistWeb

To connect products in our personal RadistWeb account, you need to select WhatsApp Business in the Connections section and log in to it:

Then click "Edit" on the connected number

The number settings window opens and there is a section "WhatsApp Products".

You need to activate it, enter the application ID and secret key, then authorize in Facebook* according to the instructions (❗️Не forget to enable VPN if you are in the Russian Federation):

A window for entering data will open:

Enter the data and click "Next", the button will change to "Log in to Facebook" Clicking Facebook Login opens a window for logging in to Facebook.:

  • if you are not logged in: a window for registration will open

  • if you are logged in: A window opens where you are asked to grant access to the list of businesses. connected WhatsApp numbers and directories from which you want to import products.

    After successful authorization, the exit window closes (a notification appears on a green background "Successful authorization"), after successful authorization in the current window, you need to select the WhatsApp Business account to which you want to connect the catalogs

and grant accesses to manage the WhatsApp account and the directory (switch the two options to the "on" position)

If some error has occurred (the switch becomes off).

Error if you need to reconnect the catalog:

Error when re-authorization is required:

The card also has an authorization status (if there is no status, then there has never been an authorization in Facebook):

For more information about all errors and statuses in our personal account under the Connection section, follow the instructions.

Done. The products are now visible to your customers.

How it works:

The client on his phone in WhatsApp enters your profile, and selects the products section:

Selects the desired products and clicks on the store icon:

If everything is selected correctly, then the client sends them to you:

The goods go to you:

In Kommo, the goods will come to you in this way:

How to enable automatic invoice generation in a transaction when receiving a basket of WABA goods in

  • in FB, you cannot specify taxes on goods, so in they are transferred without VAT.

  • An invoice will be created every time a shopping cart arrives

To enable automatic invoice generation in a transaction when receiving a basket of WABA products, you need to go to the Integration section - Installed - WABA+amoCRM in our RadistWeb personal account:

Next, you need to activate: "Create an account in a transaction when receiving a basket of goods" and save the changes:

Ready ✅

In the future, when a customer sends a shopping cart to WhatsApp, an invoice for payment will be created immediately in Kommo in the invoices/purchases section

In Bitrix24:

  • When the shopping cart:

  • When the product is sent with a comment:

In our personal account, RadistWeb looks like this:

✅ Done. Sales have been made

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