Menu in the chatbot

version 1 of 22.11.21

The gray integration with WhatsApp supports a maximum of 3 buttons.

Menus with more items need to be configured by numbers.

Video tutorial on how to create buttons in a chatbot 👇

Instructions for creating a chat bot with buttons

1) Go to the funnel settings.

2) Under the status where you want to create a bot, click on the empty cell. The screenshot shows an example with the "Primary Contact" status.

3) In the window that appears, select salesbot.

4) Click "Create New Bot".

5) Give the bot a name and click "Create".

6) Select the first item "Send Message".

7) Вписать сообщение + кнопки (максимум 3 штуки).

If you are setting up a bot with numbers, follow the instructions below here.

8) "Save" bot - "Close" bot.

9) Click "Done" - "Save" funnel.

10) Test the bot.

Instructions for creating a chat bot with numbers

Do the same for creating a bot according to the instructions above to point 7.

1) Write the message in the bot + numbers.

In fact, the number of menu items can be unlimited, but it is better to do no more than 10, otherwise the client can just be uncomfortable.

2) To further build the bot chain for each of the menu items, the next step is to select "Condition".

3) In the condition to prescribe each menu item.

If Client Message Equals Own Value ...

Instead of ... substitute menu item numbers (not item names, because the client will enter exactly the numbers. Although some customers may break the bot by sending text).

4) To set up the rest of the menu items in the same condition, click "Add next condition".

5) Then for each menu item you set up your own chain of messages and automatic actions that you need.

6) "Save" bot - "Close" bot.

7) Click "Done" - "Save" funnel.

8) Done. 🐰

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