The shops

To start selling products in Telegram Bot, create a shops. You will be able to connect a product catalog to it and receive orders.

⚠️ Important: To connect the shops:

  1. You must have a Telegram Bot created according to the instructions

  2. A catalog with products should be created. This is a required field for creating a shops. In the left menu there are instructions on how to add products and catalogs, and below is a video instruction.

The shops is connected last

You can link one catalog to one shops

How it works:

When you click on "create a shop", a page for creating a shop will open:

  • shop name

  • select a directory (the created directories will be displayed in the drop-down list). One catalog can be linked to any number of shops, so all created catalogs will always be displayed here

  • select a connection (all available Telegram Bot connections should be displayed in the drop-down list)

Entering the name of the shop, choosing a catalog, choosing Telegram Bot - mandatory items

Window after clicking "Create shop":

If the shop is created successfully, such a window should appear, with a link to the shop:

the link in the field can be copied manually or click on the "Copy link" button. It will be needed in the future for Telegram Bot.

A page with already added shops:

A page with already added shops: In the block of each shop:

  • shop name

  • a link to the shops and a button to copy the link

  • "edit" and "delete" buttons There is a button to add a new shop

Editing and Deleting a shop:

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