Radist.Online Docs

Connecting to Kommo.com (AmoCRM) through Radist Web personal account

version 1 of 12.11.21
The name amoCRM has changed to Kommo.com
Log in to the Radist Web Personal Area or register through the link: https://radist.online/login/eng
If you are a PARTNER, then create a separate personal account for the client's contact information, so that the owner of the account is the CLIENT. When registering a company, specify YOUR PROMOCODE. You can add yourself to the Client's Personal Computer as an administrator to make settings.
You do NOT need to integrate with the client's Kommo.com account on your own personal account, then you will not be able to transfer the integration to the client's personal account.
After registering your company, the "Chats" window will open.
1) To connect WhatsApp numbers go to Settings - Connections - WhatsApp
2) Click "Add Number"
3) Set the name of the number and download the QR-code
4) Scan the QR-code through the mobile application WhatsApp
✅ 🆕 If you need a seamless experience, WhatsApp has released a beta version with the option not to keep your phone on.
You can activate the beta version using the following instructions and then connect to the integration by scanning a QR code: https://faq.whatsapp.com/web/download-and-installation/how-to-join-or-leave-the-multi-device-beta?lang=en
⚠️ Upgrading to beta has restrictions. Check them out at the link: https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/download-and-installation/about-multi-device-beta?lg=ru&lc=RU&eea=0&lang=en
5) The added number will appear in the "Connected numbers" section
6) Next, to connect the number to amoCRM, go to "Integrations" - in the category "Available" select the integration "WhatsApp+amoCRM (Kommo.com)" for a new Kommo.com account
If you already have an integration with your Kommo.com account and want to add a second number to the same account, select the already connected integration above under "Installed".
7) Press the "Connect integration" button - select the Kommo.com account you want to connect to the Personal Area - press "Allow".
8) Go back to "Integrations" - in the "Installed" category find the connected amoCRM (Kommo.com) account - click on it
9) Press "+Add phone number" - Select the number you want to connect to this (AmoCRM) Kommo.com account - press "Add"
10) The number will be added to the Kommo.com, set the Funnel and status to create deals.
Additional numbers are connected to Kommo.com in the same way.
The "Use by default" toggle switch - turn on the number that salesbot in Kommo.com will start initiation from and which will be selected by default in the chat creation window.
Tumbler "Check if there is WhatsApp on the number" - The presence of WhatsApp on the number notifies the WhatsApp icon next to the customer number in the Kommo.com transaction:
red icon - the number is not registered on WhatsApp
grey icon - the number has not been verified for WhatsApp
green icon - the number is registered on WhatsApp
Tumbler "Integration works" - enables/disables integration on a specific Kommo.com account for all connected numbers.
11) From now on, the WhatsApp + amoCRM (Kommo.com) integration is active.