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Radist Web

Radist Web is a personal office for comfortable work with clients, with the ability to connect WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp, Telegram, banking integration with AmoCRM (Kommo.com).
In Radist Web you will be able to:
  • connect one or more Whatsapp Business, WhatsApp numbers and communicate with clients in a single window (all correspondence is duplicated in Kommo.com);
  • create a chat with new clients via WhatsApp;
  • create one or more companies in a personal office and switch between them;
  • under "Company Settings" you can change the company name and set the time zone for all functions in RadistWeb: time on incoming/outgoing messages in chats, time for billing link, time for ending a test or paid subscription ⚠️ The default time zone for all users is set to Moscow (GMT+3)
  • add employees and assign them access roles;
  • send WhatsApp Business templates to customers and create regular message templates;
  • track the remaining 24-hour window time (in WhatsApp Business API+amoCRM (Kommo.com) integration);
  • connect multiple integrations of the same type on different Kommo.com domains;
  • keep a database of contacts, edit name, phone number, e-mail, add notes and tags;
  • edit and create tags for contact cards.
We're working on extending the Cabinet functionality, and the information on this page will be updated.
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